You are arriving in the Kvarner region of the most romantic archipelago in the world renowned not only for its beauty and crystal sea. A dramatic coastline descends in the shining sea embellished by inhabited and uninhabited islands. The soaring mountains and lush forests just a step away can further enhance Your experience and love for Kvarner.
This part of the planet has always been a meeting point of eastern and western civilizations. You will become a witness of ancient and contemporary times through a cultural and civilizational legacy. Rijeka, the center of the region, due to its strategic position and port, was fiercely contested among neighboring states, changing hands for 7 times only in the past century. Memories of the lore of the Austro-Hungarian empire are still vivid due to the Habsburg era architecture which still embellishes Rijeka and Opatija.
We are proud to welcome You in Garden Villa Hreljin which has been in our family for generations. Inside the house You shall find a deliberate blend of contemporary and classic, urban and rural. The present amenities along with the magical garden are here to sooth Your body and soul from the stresses of modern life. The seaside is just five minutes away while the mountain forests are ten minutes away by car. If You wish we shall do our best to assist You in whichever activity You would like to partake like guided city tours, boat trips, hiking, horse riding, paragliding, slow cooking and cooking classes.
For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us!
Garden Villa Hreljin
Meja Gaj 95, Hreljin, Croatia
Telefon: +385955971850
Dežulović Tomislav